Ugly is In: How even the ugliest trends become in

Fashion is of course a subjective thing, not everybody is going to agree on any style. That being said there are some trends that the vast majority of people consider to be ugly. Despite this many of these trends have become very popular. It is hard to understand just why people are so willing to wear outfits that they consider to be ugly but the fact remains that they do.

Explaining how even the ugliest trends become in is often not easy. In a lot of cases the reason seems to be that people are looking for a way to stand out in a crowd. One of the best ways to do that is to wear something that is unique. In most cases if you were something unique it is going to be ugly, after all if it looked good other people would be wearing it. One of the problems with wearing something unique is that if you happen to be a trend setter other people are going to copy you.

This makes the most obvious route for ugly fashions to come into style fairly easy to see. Celebrities are looking for something that will allow them to stand out so they choose something that is deliberately ugly. People then see them wearing their outfits and decide to copy them. Pretty soon a trend is started and everybody is wearing ugly outfits. Of course most people don't think of them as being ugly, usually it is only years later when they look back that they realize just how ugly the outfit was.

Of course it is not just trendsetters that sometimes make ugly fashions trendy; sometimes it happens for practical reasons. The shoulder pad is a good example of this. Virtually everybody agrees that shoulder pads were one of the worst fashion trends of the eighties. They were however a necessary one as women entering senior management positions found it necessary to dress in a way that looked more masculine. The fashion industry had to adapt to this. The result is that even though we now look back on shoulder pads as being a horrible fashion trend at the time they served a useful purpose.

One trend that is a little bit odd is to intentionally be back ugly trends. Fashion designers frequently look back at old trends and update them. These things tend to move in cycles of about thirty years; the result is that we are just now starting to see the trends of the eighties come into style. A large part of this is of course nostalgia but it is hard to explain why they would choose the worst fashion trends of the era to bring back. Nevertheless they do and as trendsetters they influence everybody else to dress in the same way.